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Holly has been in the industry for 30+ years.  她的两个爱好,法国和巡航,反映在她的旅行历史.  She has traveled extensively in France, with over 30 trips.  Her more than 50 cruises on 15 lines, has taken her to 50 countries, on 6 continents, 5 rivers, 2 oceans, 3 seas and 2 canals.

She has recently returned from Southeast Asia, cruising on the Diamond Princess to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.  In August, she enjoyed three weeks in France, 包括在美丽的科西嘉岛度过整整一周,以及在布鲁塞尔度过许多天.  这段经历丰富了她对法国一个经常被美国游客遗忘的地区的了解.

She has an abiding interest in music and wine ... 这个美妙的组合建议你让霍莉计划你的下一次欧洲文化之都之旅, or travel through the wine country in France!


Expert Bio

More than 20 years ago Holly made her first trip to Paris.  法国很快成为她的挚爱,她在这个世界上最喜欢的地方!  她是经过认证的Rendez Vous en France代理,自从第一次旅行以来, she has made nearly 30 trips to France, every trip including time in Paris. While touring in the Loire Valley, Alsace/Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux and the South of France, she has learned the culture, language and where to go and what to do.  

与计划在法国度假的人分享这些信息不仅仅是一份工作, it's a great pleasure; and one that Holly would like to share with you. Whether you are going for pleasure or business, for the first time or 100th time; whether you want to climb the Eiffel Tower, 探索城堡和葡萄园,或乘船游览河流和运河, please, give Holly a call. 你们可以一起计划一次完美的旅行,满足(并希望超出)你的期望.

其他游轮冒险包括2012年东加勒比海,2013年夏威夷 & Panama Canal, 2014  Caribbean/Gulf & Mediterranean, 2015  South America and 2016  Panama Canal &  Cuba.


Oceania Sirena在今年第一场暴风雪来临前几个小时离开托莱多的决定是明智的. 更棒的是,我们决定在大洋洲塞雷纳号上预订我们的亚马逊探险之旅! 从我们踏上这艘船的那一刻起,我们的最高期望就被超越了.

我们乘坐一艘小型精品船,豪华地从迈阿密航行到里约热内卢,航行了21天. 服务无懈可击,船很优雅,食物也很美味? With Jacques Pepin as the executive chef, expectations were high and we weren’t the least disappointed. 这真的是一条美食家的游轮,每顿饭似乎都比前一顿好.

我很高兴能告诉你更多关于这次奇妙的经历, 并为你安排好一次终生难忘的经历.

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